Joga Bonito

“Soccer can be the most gracious lady, and it can also be the biggest bitch.”
-Glen Myernick

There are sporting events that stop the world. Today is no exception.  The world will hold its breath for two hours. We’ll ooh and ahh and sway and jump and yell and scream and pump our fists in joy or sink in anger at the same time. The World Cup is every four years and any analyst will say that the four years of buildup is what makes it so excruciating and so tense and that’s a load of bollocks. The players, and many fans, lives have been leading to this moment. A moment that Continue reading


The Fallout and Summer League

I’m really torn. On one hand I can respect the choices that LeBron, Wade, and Bosh all made. To make personal sacrifice, not only monetarily but egotistical, is commendable and something that most people in their position would be hard-pressed to do themselves. On the other hand, part of me wishes he would’ve stuck it out and seen it through in Cleveland, even on a three-year contract. I say that as a fan. As a fan, I’ve never Continue reading

The Chosen One Chooses

The Chosen One has to choose and we will all be witnesses. I personally don’t think he’s leaving. If he was leaving, he wouldn’t have a one hour special to announce it. If he wanted to become a pariah in his home state he could punch Drew Carey in the face and then take out a two page ad in the Cleveland Plain Dealer that says “This city smells weird.” I don’t think having his news conference in Connecticut has any relevance either. Is he going to join the Connecticut Sun? He’s just driving the suspense Continue reading

World Cup Preview

Thanks For Coming
South Africa-Unfortunately they will have they dubious honor of being the only host nation to not advance. I predict an opening draw with Mexico but I also predict that France and Uruguay will out class them. Perhaps more importantly, they will do a fantastic job hosting the biggest sporting event on the planet and for that I thank them.

NBA Draft and Conference Finals

If you win the lottery, it is a life changing event or so I would think. You probably start eating differently, dressing differently, and going different places. It changes the course of your life. Thusly, the NBA Draft Lottery is very much like it’s state-run, monetary counterpart in that it will change the course of a franchise for the immediate or distant future, unless of course you’re the Clippers. Coming off a season in which you missed the playoffs, by 1 game or 25, winning the lottery is the equivalent of taking a shortcut you’re no quite sure of. It could potentially be a quicker path Continue reading

The Power (Conference Finals Preview)

These playoffs are all about power. Trying to get it, use it, hang onto it, take it, steal it, and find it when no one else can. We have one team trying to hang onto it (Lakers), we have another trying to taste it for the first time (Suns), we have one trying to get more than it had last year (Magic), and we have one trying to regain what it had only two years ago (Celtics). This years favorite (Cavs) lost it before they even had it and the dark horses (Mavs and Hawks) looked like they never even wanted it. These four teams all want the power for different reasons and only one can get it and no matter who wins it will affect how we remember the players on each team. Kobe can push himself into the top 6 or seven players of all time with another title. Nash immediately Continue reading

2002 USA-Mexico Literary Replay

Imagine a sporting event where the intensity of any playoff hockey game was amplified by 100 except everyone was dressed up like they were on loan from the Raiders and, on top of that, national pride was at stake. That’s what the World Cup, the biggest sporting event in the world by any quantifiable measure, is all about. Every day for one whole month the world will stop as countries do battle to find the best footballing nation in the world. As a relatively young country when it comes to soccer, not a lot is expected of us Yanks. After failing to qualify for the tournament and being the little brother of our sector on this planet for 40 years, the United States has now qualified for 5 straight tournaments and has become the bully on the proverbial block when it comes to North American soccer. With a relatively favorable draw for the round robin portion that includes an opening match date with our former oppressors from England, the United States has a chance to make a stamp on this tournament and duplicate, maybe even surpass their surprising run to the final eight of the 2002 Continue reading